The New Standard in Cloud Computing

Many companies around the world are intimidated by the monumental task of migrating entire enterprise data and applications to the cloud environment. And their fear is justified. But, working with an experienced cloud consulting company and an optimized cloud strategy, businesses can migrate to the cloud with minimal interruption in their workflow.

Our experts understand your business model and deliver solutions that are effective. By automating a delivery pipeline, we ensure rapid migration and onboarding of applications. Start your cloud journey today with certified cloud partners!


Cloud Services Offered

Cloud Consulting Services
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Roadmap and Strategy
  • Technology Evaluation
Cloud Development Services
  • Cloud-Native Software Development
  • Serverless Architecture Deployment
  • Application Containerization
Cloud Migration Services
  • Migration Strategy
  • Application Migration
  • Testing and Optimization
Managed Services
  • Governance Plans
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Cloud Monitoring
DevOps Consulting
  • Agile Deployment
  • QA Automation
  • Microservices Architecture

Platforms that We Utilize

ASR Tech Group has partnered with the best cloud platforms to provide custom and business-specific solutions for our clients. Over the years we have transformed multiple businesses with cost-effective cloud solutions.

Our Cloud Computing Solutions


Based on the assessment and your business needs, our experts can deploy the right infrastructure for you. Pay only for what you use.


Ideate, develop, and launch applications through the cloud. Become agile with improved collaboration and continuous integration of your solutions.


Off the shelf and customized cloud softwares based on your business requirements to improve organizational productivity and streamline your workflow.

Collaborate With Our Experts Today and Become Cloudbound Today!