Closing the Gap Between ‘Have’ and ‘Want’

For the proper functioning of an organization and for the business to remain competitive, applications are vital these days. However, most businesses rely upon legacy systems that are maintained with in-house technologies that are not scalable. They remain an anchor on growth opportunities and businesses are unable to step up to the current dynamic environment.

To avoid this pitfall, ASR Tech Group offers legacy application modernization services that reform the way your business is run. With modern applications, you can become,

  • Agile
  • Scalable
  • Responsive
  • Robust

Application Modernization Approach

Lift and Shift

This is the simplest approach with little to no architecture and code reviews. The legacy applications are installed in virtual cloud hardware. However, we don’t advocate this method since it doesn’t offer the full benefits of cloud architecture.


This process consists of breaking the application into several modules so that only one or more modules are rewritten to take advantage of the cloud services. Generally, the modules which contain business functions are rewritten.


This is the most sustainable approach as it offers the full advantage of cloud services, even though it is time and capital consuming. In this method, your legacy application is moved to a serverless infrastructure and rebuilt to use cloud-native technologies.


In this approach, your legacy systems are scrapped and a viable SaaS alternative is chosen for replacement. Generally, SaaS applications with minor customization can serve you. But, we don’t advocate this if your legacy application is highly customized for your niche.

Best of ‘All Worlds’

We are big advocates of this approach. It is a combination of one or two of the above-mentioned approaches based on business requirements. Our experts will help you with deciding what is what and help with a smooth transition.

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ASR's Modernization Workflow


Your legacy systems are assessed to find out their functionalities and intended purpose so that we can develop a business case around them for renewing and developing applications.


The assessment of legacy systems is analyzed for present and future business requirements. A modernization roadmap that doesn’t disrupt day-to-day business activities is designed.


The older applications are re-platformed and run on newer, cheaper, and more secure cloud-based platforms making your business scalable while saving cost on hardware.


Your legacy applications are migrated to a standard environment with minimal disruption by choosing approaches such as refactoring, rehosting, recoding, containerization, etc.

Benefits of Application Modernization

  • Competitive Advantage

    Embracing modernization can help your business adapt and implement the latest technologies in your business easily, thereby giving you a leading edge over your competitors.

  • Cost Savings

    Application modernization effectively eliminates the need for legacy in-house hardware and software saving your business a fortune and savings from cloud and hybrid strategy.

  • Enhanced Security

    Modern applications comply with the latest standards of security, leveraging the latest technologies and overcoming the security vulnerabilities that legacy systems hold.

  • Improved User Experience

    Be it the customer or the employees, modern applications provide mobility and scalability combined with enhanced UI, that drastically improves the user experience.

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